A free online quotation tool that generates instant quotes, helping to increase conversion rates and thereby growing revenue with the option to manage and grow your network of introducers.

The Conveyancing Exchange encourages homebuyers to instruct a conveyancer early in the process and highlights to clients and introducers that firms are forward thinking, using state of the art software.

By using The Conveyancing Exchange, law firms get free access to this platform where introducers can provide standard conveyancing quotes and send instructions online.

Key Benefits:

• Efficient, easy to use software

• Improves communication – speeding up the conveyancing process

• Generates more business (70% based on research)

• Its absolutely FREE to Searches UK clients

• Helps manage and build referral network

Client Benefits

• Provide a standard conveyancing quote in seconds

• Give introducers the option to generate official quotes based on your fee structure

• Streamline and accelerate your internal quote process

• Show clients and introducers your firm is forward thinking, using state of the art software

• Instant access to management information such as quote conversion rates, effectiveness of colleagues and external relationships

• Enhance your introducer relationships by providing automatic case update notifications

• Expert survey quotes • No subscription charges or lengthy contracts – for you or your introducers

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